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  • Reginald A. Stidum grew up in a Southern family, where he learned at an early age that quality ingredients were an essential part of every recipe. As a child, he watched his relatives prepare traditional southern master pieces from scratch. His mother was and is firm believer that there’s no substitute for quality and the old adage "You get what you pay for". 

    In 2001, Reginald decided to follow his passion and start the culinary journey learning, writing and building incredible recipes. This journey led Reginald to examine the past traditions, balance those traditions with our unique  present while carving out a niche for Southern cuisine’s future. In a constant pursuit for the best and freshest ingredients Reginald makes a point to visit local farmers markets and purchase from the best local growers.

    In 2011 and 2012 Reginald’s culinary research and learning put him on the path to writing his first book, Verglo’s Kitchen, The Southern Cookbook”. The book is to serve as both information and understanding of cooking Southern foods but also to serve as homage to those masterful cooks in his family that came before him.

    In addition to writing books and running a successful catering business, Reginald also holds cooking classes for adults and youth where he shares his passion for Southern cooking. He believes in preparing fresh, traditional meals while providing healthy options that fit into our daily life styles. His goal is to assist them in making the same recipes our grandmothers made but with healthier alternative ingredients that don’t compromise flavor or variety. His focus is centered on everyone from single individuals and families to professional athletes and local celebrities.

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